Sunday, February 17, 2008

panji, just the way it is........

what do you expect from your own guy in your relationship?

The answer is : I just........don't know.
I mean, he's not romantic kinda guy, NOT that I like a guy who give me flowers.
He's not a perfect eligible guy, NOT that i expect him to be that kinda guy.
So he's imperfect, but who doesn't?
We hit more than half year, and there were times when i thought that maybe he doesn't realize i'd take this hard. There were times when i thought that what he really wants for our relationship is just a companion. We're far from the '' valentine's couple '', nope. way too far from romantic, hahaha.
But guess what?
we never create ''moments'', but it's there, lot of moments happened naturally, even for ridiculous one that makes me never be able to forget. I knew i can love him just from his silly or stupid things. He never impressed me by giving any romantic songs he made by himself or asking me for candle light dinner. But.......he can fight for me, fight for my pride, protect me whenever i need him, care for me, love me with his own simply way,
convince me that with his imperfectness,
he can be perfect for me.