Thursday, September 2, 2010


Imagine you as a melody.

Name the tune that played, either in our mind, or around us, through all of our biggest lovelife moments. The first kiss. The first experience of lovemaking. The first great heartbreak. However, you have been so a part of me that I can recall the music that played around me, or in me, at most of my smaller moments as well. The first cup of coffee I ever drank. The first day of a new job. The first song I ever put on a cell phone. Yes, it may seem strange, but I am that musically inclined.

Some believe, as I never used to, that soulmates do exist. That there is one person in all the world that can bring about ultimate fulfillment, boundless love, and perfect completeness in your life. And finding you, i always keep up the trust, it won't be hard, because i always see that you are my perfect melody.

painting: Niki Sands