Thursday, January 20, 2011

So you called it "Fake Realism"

(The beautiful pics captured by Willy Irawan when he was travelling to Raja Ampat - Papua)

and don't ask why and how on earth this person write this. just read. and hopefully you'll think what's next for our country.

...I'm from Indonesian just like Rarindra. And come along with that, I hope my comment could add new perspective about what Rarindra intent.

Indonesia is huge. Even me (who have travelled arround 20 islands or more-yes islands) still felt unfamiliar with this part of the globe. Some part of our country were expansive, with jungles and sheer tall mountain, panoramic view and its sturdy silent people. But some part were dark, full of garbage, smoke and noisy people get killed. Those two world in one country were not mixed together. They were seperated. And when they were seperated, it's nearly impossible to have a clear focus on your eyes to capture Rarindra intent.

To speak the truth. In Indonesia, Me and my generation hold a great dissapointment in goverment-that act like a thieve. One thieve goes down but another thieve elected. They were people that have most responsible on what Johathan McIntosh capture in Jakarta. Poverty.

While some people get permission to exploit our country (and its you who live in "the west") from the thieves. There some part of our country that remains the same. Freeze by the time. Those part are part that I told you before. Expansive, with jungle and sheer mountain, sea, panoramic view and sturdy people. In this part of Indonesia, people are not concerned with computer, Mother Theresa, celluler phone or striptease. And as you can see in Rarindra portofolio. They were happy. That's not myth happiness.

Me and my generation still struggle to fix poverty in this country. But hence..there's a lot of time when we were felt very sad about what happened in our country. Mad And loose the spirit to change the way our goverment rule. Tired on corruption and lazy people.

When that times come, looking in some Rarindra's photograph give us good feeling.

Still. Rarindra may dont have any clue about what he has done. I think he's just want to make a beatifull portrait of Indonesia and represent it in dreamy way. The reality sure is not good as the photo. But looking at his portofolio give me sense of pride. We love this country. And will do something to make it remain loved.

Call it third world fake realism. But for me it worth something.

----- friends, i have to repost this, it's written by Ganis Angger Atmawarin. it's a beautiful posting :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Route of 88

seberapa jauh jarak antara rumah anda dan pacar anda?
hehehe. mungkin ketika membaca judul playlist ini ada yang langsung bisa menebak, "ooh maksudnya rute ke lembang 88" atau mungkin heran karena lagu-lagu yang ada di playlist ini tidak serupa dengan lagu Nat King Cole "Route 66".

sebenarnya sederhana saja. karena jarak rumah saya dan rumah pacar lumayan jauh, dari antapani ke lembang 88, mungkin sekitar 35 km lebih (yang menurut saya itu "lumayan" jauh), tentunya lagu yang saya habiskan tidak mungkin hanya satu-dua atau tiga lagu saja. ditambah kemacetan, melewati jalan yang meliuk-liuk karena rumahnya yang ada di daerah gunung (hehehe) membuat saya terbiasa mendengarkan satu rangkaian playlist, dan inilah dia. "The Route of 88", berisikan lagu-lagu yang akhir-akhir sedang saya dengar. ada lagu lama, lagu baru, atau lagu yang saya sendiri tidak tahu umur rilisnya berapa. semoga bisa berbagi imajinasi dalam sebuah perjalanan yang sudah menjadi ritual (hampir) sehari-hari.

1. Memory Tapes - Run Out
2. JJ - Kill you
3. Starfucker - Reptilians
4. PNAU - Baby (Breakbot remix)
5. Futurecop!- Dreams
6. MGMT - Electric Feels
7. Washed Out - Feel It All Around (Toro Y Moi remix)
8. Neon Indian - Mind, Drips (Bibio remix)
9. Cut copy - Take Me Over
10.Working For a Nuclear Free City - B.A.R.R.Y
11.Toro Y Moi - You Hid (Studio Session)
12.White Hinterland - Icarus

download it here

.......i believe that when you're making a mix, you're making history. you ransack the vaults, you haul off the junk you can carry, and you rewire all your ill-gotten loot into something new. you go through an artist's entire career, zero in on that moment that makes you jump and dance and smoke bats and bite the head off drugs. and that you play that moment over and over.

a mixtape steals these moment from all over musical cosmos, and splices them into a whole new groove....
- Rob Sheffield, "Love Is A Mixtape".

Monday, January 3, 2011

Play With Two


Don't keep your anger, show it. Or without any reason maybe you just wanna bring that on. Hold your breath, hold it. Hold it before you jump, run and finally shout! Prepare to clap your hand. Scream. Or hell yeah, just be free. And savage. Rrrrooaarrr.

1. Animal Collective - My girls
2. The Delays - Valentine
3. The Faint - Desperate guy
4. Delphic - Doubt
5. Chromeo - Night by night
6. Friendly Fires - Paris
7. Robots in Disguise - Argument
8. M83 - Don't Save Us From The Flames
9. Steve Vai (feat the kiddo) - Ya Yo Gakk
10. Midlake - Roscoe (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Roscoe)

download it here


Thinking about the ideal relationship where everything doesn't always has to be perfect, so several songs in this mixtape is not always talking about happiness and lust, but also fear and hurt. Yes, that's the beauty of relationship. From butterfly in your stomach until you see something deeper and finally you reach a point when you are getting somewhere not nowhere.

1. Nouvelle Vague- Heaven (Originally by psychedelic fur)
2. Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No
3. Tiger Baby - Sweetheart
4. Fra Lippo Lippi - Angel
5. Gene - You
6. Ben Folds And Nick Hornby - Picture Window
7. The Changes - In The Dark
8. Wendy And Bonnie - I realized You
9. Mocca - Hyperballad
10. The Spinners - I'll be Around
11. The Bird And The Bee - Private Eyes
12. Telepopmusik - Don't look back (Featuring Angela MC Cluskey)
13. Club 8 - Stay By My Side
14. Saint Etienne - Madeleine
15. Judee Sill - The Kiss

download it here

Ps. Darling, choose it for me. Tell me which mixtape do you like better, will you? :)