Monday, May 9, 2011


Hi! Kita akan memulai preorder #TURIYA hari ini! Yeaayy!

- Pre-order "Turiya" dijual dengan harga Rp.79.000,- (free ongkos kirim untuk wilayah Bandung dan Jabodetabek; untuk wilayah di luar itu dikenai ongkos kirim seharga Rp.5000,-)

- Pre-order "Turiya" hanya tersedia sebanyak 100 eksemplar saja.

- Periode pre-order ini berlangsung antara 10 Mei 2011 - 22 Mei 2011

- Khusus untuk pemesan pre-order akan mendapatkan compliments berupa: free tote bag dengan ilustrasi "Turiya" (by Ykha Amelz) dan signature edition book.

- "Turiya" akan dikirim serentak setelah periode pre-order ini berakhir.


SILAKAN KUNJUNGI INI atau menghubungi

Tote Bag dengan ilustrasi #TURIYA ini dipersembahkan oleh Wellborn Company dengan kutipan tentang cerita di bagian belakangnya

Selamat memesan karya kedua saya! I love you readers :*

- Maradilla Syachridar -

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Journey of Solace Serenade

Forget it, and you’ll remember.
You are out of chalks to write on that board, but you’ll remember what to bring. What to do. The journey is in front of you, and you won’t treat it like any other trip, because it will feel like an extraordinary trip.

Dripping toughts.
Get out from unnecessary distractions. It is very easy to remain the goals. For the more of walking time, it reminds you to prays of hope and cure of any painfuls. You’re not going to see something, but to receive something. A greater devotion, a distance to get closer.

Looking for a hand in the dark, where actually people hold you.
Betrayal, infidelity, and unending heartbreak: Oh, the stories that they could tell. Yet we are afraid and fearless at the same time as babies. We got heart. Yeah we’ve got.

And in a brief moment of sincere and clarity, you knew that staying with me would be more secure than anything the blackness could hold.

Twin Sister - All around and Away We Go (Teen Daze Remix)
Matt Van Schie - Journey
Toro Y Moi - Before I'm Done
Jackie Moon - Love Me Sexy
Gipsy and The Cat - The Piper's Song (Aeroplane Remix)
Au Revoir Simone - Backyards
Body Language - Tempoture
Kamp! - Distance of The Modern Hearts
Badly Drawn Boy - Promises (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Reanimation)

cover: Jeff Pitcher

Download it here