Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sebuah Percakapan.


when the past is simply a point of reference, all in a sudden it's like, a person came from another dimention. i come in peace, he said, just like an alien. my name is mr.what's-in-a-name. PEGANG TANGAN SAYA, ajak dia sambil tersenyum. as if we start holding on together, the more i know, the more this world getting misterously beautiful. simply hold become arm and hand intertwinings. What are you? hey mr.oh-i-don't-care-about-your-name-then, please have a little responsibility. here's my little situation. by the time you hold me tight, i cannot verbalize my own happiness. you, strangely made me happy. i wish i could hold the explotion here. i even can't say i love you, though i already did, am, and who knows will still. blame my most precious defense mechanisms. but with you, PELUK SAYA, saya minta. hug me with your fear, my fear, our fear. we're not a person who bring rain clouds on a leash and "share" it with others. we live in a world where everyone has a role with their great elaborate scripts. maybe this time, even for a while, i’m throwing in my manuscripts and demanding a break from the director, i want everything just as it is, impulsive.