Monday, October 31, 2011

Seashore and All That Au Revoir

A former lover, a geek, a loner, an escapist being. Or what are you anyway, i don't care. I would like to ask you to breathe, breathe and stop the addiction of our insecurity mundane. We have to go, searching where our home is, though i already know where it is. The sea is beautiful, and so is the tears. Memories struck against the sands, and the reflection of the future is floating away. We'll get better as we see the sunrise, and we'll be healed by the sunset. You're my favorite every now, and then. Wry, witty, and often filled with wonderful details.

Now get ready. Look at the seashore, feel it, and all that au revoir.

1. Poolside - Harvest Moon
2. Destroyer - Chinatown
3. Correatown - Further
4. L'alphalpha - Flashback
5. Foster the people - Pumped Up Kicks (Chrome Canyon Remix)
6. Jensen Sportag - Jareaux
7. Friendly Fires - Helpless
8. Flat En Une Journee - Au Revoir Simone - The Lucky One (James Yuill Remix)
9. Erot vs. Kings of Convinience - Gold (For The Price of Silver)
10. First Aid Kit - Still on Fire
11. Body language - You Can
12. Coldplay - U.F.O
13. Tahiti 80 - 4 A.M

Mood: Chill, Imperfectly Tranquil.
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