Friday, November 12, 2010

Greener Grass

Just five steps to go and you can see a different view. still you keep yourself you've got no power to cross the distance. You do your lawn with your own way. Independent, though you need help. Maybe a help from your neighbour to make it beautiful, to make the dewdrops worth because of its existence. You know, it's okay when you found out that your garden was a mess and you knocked your neighbour's door and asking for a help, a companion. Then you crossed the distance, the boundaries, and did it.

You ask your neighbour, how come a neighbour's grass is always greener? and you suddenly breathless, getting more realized, that for a greener grass, you have to make it work. And if you love someone else's lawn, why don't you ask that someone to make it contagious?

Honey, the old saying that beauty is an all-pervading presence. Your world, with every other's invasion, to whatever comes, then comes. See the beauty of allowing the flow takes you. Let your neighbour help you to make your grass greener.