Thursday, January 20, 2011

So you called it "Fake Realism"

(The beautiful pics captured by Willy Irawan when he was travelling to Raja Ampat - Papua)

and don't ask why and how on earth this person write this. just read. and hopefully you'll think what's next for our country.

...I'm from Indonesian just like Rarindra. And come along with that, I hope my comment could add new perspective about what Rarindra intent.

Indonesia is huge. Even me (who have travelled arround 20 islands or more-yes islands) still felt unfamiliar with this part of the globe. Some part of our country were expansive, with jungles and sheer tall mountain, panoramic view and its sturdy silent people. But some part were dark, full of garbage, smoke and noisy people get killed. Those two world in one country were not mixed together. They were seperated. And when they were seperated, it's nearly impossible to have a clear focus on your eyes to capture Rarindra intent.

To speak the truth. In Indonesia, Me and my generation hold a great dissapointment in goverment-that act like a thieve. One thieve goes down but another thieve elected. They were people that have most responsible on what Johathan McIntosh capture in Jakarta. Poverty.

While some people get permission to exploit our country (and its you who live in "the west") from the thieves. There some part of our country that remains the same. Freeze by the time. Those part are part that I told you before. Expansive, with jungle and sheer mountain, sea, panoramic view and sturdy people. In this part of Indonesia, people are not concerned with computer, Mother Theresa, celluler phone or striptease. And as you can see in Rarindra portofolio. They were happy. That's not myth happiness.

Me and my generation still struggle to fix poverty in this country. But hence..there's a lot of time when we were felt very sad about what happened in our country. Mad And loose the spirit to change the way our goverment rule. Tired on corruption and lazy people.

When that times come, looking in some Rarindra's photograph give us good feeling.

Still. Rarindra may dont have any clue about what he has done. I think he's just want to make a beatifull portrait of Indonesia and represent it in dreamy way. The reality sure is not good as the photo. But looking at his portofolio give me sense of pride. We love this country. And will do something to make it remain loved.

Call it third world fake realism. But for me it worth something.

----- friends, i have to repost this, it's written by Ganis Angger Atmawarin. it's a beautiful posting :)


Fadil Pinandita said...

A friend once told me, "these youngsters entered politics to change the system, but as time passed, the system is the one that changed them."

My thought was, "Well, I'm not into politics. But I still love Indonesia, tho. So, let's think of another way to make our beloved country better."

And this is one of them!! Love it!!

brainmelosa said...

good point young man! i even don't consider to get into "politics for dummies", since i believe there are people who understand better.