Saturday, March 3, 2012

That Mo(u)rning

If living were not an essential prerequisite, i would abstain.
I need artistic sustenance only. Emotional, inspiring sustenance. All my physical energy is the overflow of spiritual feelings. I live on faith, belief, love, inspiration, vitamins and Tab.

Spirits, souls, love reside totally in body, in toes and knees and hips and vertebrae and necks and elbows and fingertips. Any hint of facial wrinkles, teary eyes, drops of sweat, audible breathing or diminishing energy levels is a sign of imperfection. They are symptoms of mortality.


cassia vera said...

hallo dilla :) salam kenal yaa.. suka tulisannya. ijin share link di blogrollku : :)

brainmelosa said...

haloooo. terima kasih yaa! menuju blogmu!