Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thoughts to be blinded

These days, it’s all about passion.

It’s about drive, and inspiration, and I maybe even hope.

But most of all it’s about the new and the unsure and the going beyond my "safety zone". The letting go of the past but surely not its forgetting. Because there are always always lessons to be learned (and as much as possible never repeated).


I realised that there are just some things you just cannot change. Like that everyday shuttling from home to work or the flickering of the computer screen or the food you eat at the cafeteria. But there ARE (after all) things that make the day something. simply reading a good book. listening music. I have only recently discovered that passion does start with a spark and eventually illuminates life. I have also only so recently found passion in the mundane yet extraordinary. And I thank God so much for those moments. I am beginning to find something to smile about, to laugh about, to look forward to. It’s like doing things for the first time.

Think about this:

When was the last time you did something for the first time?


We’ve become so jaded (as Aerosmith’s song goes) that we forget the giddiness and the natural high that comes with doing something we love. I know A LOT of people share my sentiments. That routine is simply crazy. I hear you. Find something, anything that makes you feel brand new ( was that lame or was that lame?hehehe).But that’s so true no matter how boyband-ish it may sound!

Also I was inspired by the women of Sex and The city, how they look older but still beautiful, whereas they’re already in their late 30s! And I think the common factor was that they lived and loved with passion and did things they enjoyed. And it shows, really. No anti-ageing product can achieve such effect.


And for those who forget how it is to have teeny-weeny spark in you, get in touch with an old friend, read your old diary, or listen to your favourite song. And maybe then you’ll remember how it felt like (and perhaps do something about it?)

Good luck!


Don’t be blinded.

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rubahkelabu said...

yup, let us be joyful and young at heart ! :)