Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guffaw Mi Head

“ Guffaw Mi Head”
-----the melodies that makes you go smile.

Realized that smiling over a moment when your ears meet your favorite song is becoming something that usual in our life, I dedicate this mixtape for those people who always being happy from only just nodding their head, dancing a little bit, until sing along then feel much better since their mood is boosted by certain melodies. Of course you can hear it everywhere. Bedroom, office, on your car, anywhere. Let’s reveal your spasmodic sounds, and be thankful for a any reason on why you smile, or giggle at the moment.

1. "Go out and love someone" - Pogo
2. "Hide me" - Granddadbob
3. "Heaven's on fire" - The Radio Dept
4. "My name is DOS" - Cyndi Seui
5. "On a string" - The Changes
6. "Time card" - Tigercity
7. "Since I left you" - The Avalanches
8. "Miss it so much" - Röyksopp feat. Lykke Li
9. "Screw me up and throw away" - First Aid Kit
10. "Songbird" - Tristan

you can download it here

Ps. untuk kali ini mixtapenya dihadiahkan khususnya buat teman-teman hackerspace dan skypeunite yang lagi keranjingan siaran streaming :)))

- Maradilla Syachridar -


melanotmeli said...

nice one Dilla... saya download yaaaa :)

Fadil Pinandita said...

more please.. :p

Yuna said...


Sundea said...

I think this one will be my favorite mixtape.

Aku belum denger, sih, Dil, tar aku donlot. Tapi aku suka judul2 lagu dan covernya ... hehehe ...