Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day #25: Everything Is Temporary

Temporary things.

To come up with an entry with such title, I had to wait for the right moment which included thoughts or experiences that made the title meaningful and coherent. Well it’s a fact, everything is so temporary. Fast and fleeting, from the breaths we take to Time itself. The moments we futilely try to hold on to, the people we try so hard to keep, thoughts that keep racing through our heads, emotions that are just so volatile.

Maybe, I’m in the best position now to talk about impermanence. The kind of impermanence that involves the uncertainty of what I’ll be doing hours from now, days from nows, months, and even years from now. Everything is just hanging so precariously. Like in Limbo.

I wrote in a prayer for class, "Teach me to let go of both what I have and don’t need that open palms receive Your blessings"…there is bound to be something or someone who’ll make you see the moments that are spectacular and alive and not as something transitory and vanishing. Instances that’ll teach us that letting go is not a sign of helplessness or inability but a mark of courage and our capacity to hope and have faith.

"Change is choice" . I couldn’t help but nod and grin upon reading that line. To an extent, we still have the capacity to choose what we change unwilling to let the uncertainty of the Future get to us.

Maybe tomorrow…

I’ll bag the best job ever

Maybe tomorrow…

I’ll discover a hidden talent of mine

Maybe tomorrow…

I’ll found the love

…because I choose to see what the maybe-tomorrows may bring over the bland impossibility of despair.

I choose to act lest hope becomes half-hearted possibility.


Sundea said...

Even if we don't pick it, change will come naturally.

Sometimes that's why life is alive =)

Sundea said...

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