Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day #27 Fact or Fiction

I think it’s a common saying that life is stranger than fiction. But I remember my Lit prof saying that same line (he said it in the best way) and me thinking how so ironically true it was. Because I guess life’s the stuff fiction is made of. And perhaps, life gets so weird that you’d rather think of it as a fabrication of imagination to be able to cope or even to better understand.

And maybe what I’m about to write is purely fictional. But it doesn’t really matter.
This is not a short story, too short. Maybe this is a glimpse of short story. So yeah take it as a fiction.

................Surprise, surprise! He called again. This time asking me to meet at the corner. He got a Take-away. He asked if I wanted to walk. Having cancelled all my lovely plans for the night, I figured that I might as well make the most of my frumpy outfit.

So off I went to meet him with a little grudge as my Take-away. I entered the Take-away place with a slight scowl. He greeted me by commenting on my big blue bag.

“It seems you go everywhere with that,” he said with some amusement.

I simply raised my chin in defense. We stepped out in the chilly night wind. I needed to pee. Really badly. And I told him so. We walked around 1.5 km. to the Supermarket.

Walking to our destination he explained himself. Why step away but still confronting me, why he chose to stay in that area for a while, I wanted to believe him. But in the back of my head, he partied the whole 2 weeks. I didn’t argue because it wouldn’t do any of us any good. Then I remembered what he told me days back:

“ If a guy tries to clear things up with someone, even if it means lying, than he must care for that person. I don’t think he’d bother to explain himself if he didn’t give a damn.”

Remembering that, I simply kept quiet. He sometimes did see things in unconventional ways........................

Drenched and laughing, I realized that this night was a cliché come to life. And under the lamp’s bright white light, on a fact or fictional night, I hugged him good night.
If ever he does exist or not,
I want to thank him.

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