Thursday, August 12, 2010

day #29 The lessons

Lesson no.1

if you get into something similar to what i got myself into, swallow your pride.
bitter pride! but hey, if you have to make things happen!!! argh!!

Lesson no. 2
Ever found yourself holding back because you’re too proud?

(I realized that pride would get me nowhere. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t start somewhere. So as mentioned in lesson no.1, swallow your pride. But what I failed to mention was that the absence of pride makes me feel so bare. Like I’m holding on to it for that just-in-case moment that I realize I just don’t want to give it up— just yet.)

Lesson no.3
Don’t follow me… QUIT while you’re ahead.
Maybe he isn’t the one after all.

Lesson no.4

So, forget the rules!!!!!!!

Someone just told me recently that every decision I make will affect every aspect of my life. From the ridiculously minute details to the nagging must-dos, nothing is spared. I know, you might think it’s common knowledge. I thought so too, but it’s not. That little compliment you just gave may have made someone’s day or that modest smile you just flashed may have made someone’s heart skip a beat. Maybe even that nod of the head may have made that person feel someone does care. Those kinds of things. The ones we take for granted. The decision to be here is mine. This state. This place. This time.

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