Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day #1 : Once, there's a person said : This Is Your Future House.

Someday you'll understand on why that i'm gonna invite this person to my house, your house, our house, whoever you are. i don't care if you're gonna build a ball house. or grass ceiling house. or hobbit house. or kettle house. or pink castle. or pumpkin house. or sphere house. or round house. or shoe house. and people could see the reflection of ourselves when they see our house.

we're becoming artist of our life when it comes to house-building. and this. you have to promise me that someday we'll inviting this person to our house.

promise me that you're going to make mr.shelby impressed. and someday, we're going to say, "honey, our house and our life, even with the dust, it's perfect."

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