Saturday, July 24, 2010

day#10: The Gipsy King

It's a journey to cross the ocean. A long way road to neverland with neverending words. I quit from this Cirque de Soleil, i just wanna leave my identity as a rom, and being Karmen the javanese gypsy women. I have a gypsy heart and willing to travel around and round and round and round. Time, we don't have much time, maybe it's getting closer to the day that has no tomorrow, so let's pick up the caravan and gone. You don't need to read my fortune, we have the faith that we're surrounded by the biggest luck.

write the story.

filling the empty paper.

Oh dear, why don't you be my companion. you have a perfect picture of a gypsy king in this whole wide world.

Photos by: Reza Budi Prabowo, Dylan Sada