Monday, July 19, 2010

day #5 : stars

That each star is unique.

they somehow seem to follow some kind of physics.
There’s this law in physics that two objects cannot occupy the same space,
that even if you put one on top of the other, it wouldn’t count as "the same space"…you get the picture…and
I am quite certain that this law of physics is applicable to those twinkling seemingly miniscule dots in the heavens
Curious and magnificent how the laws of physics transcend space and time in this aspect.
But I, being so poor in physics, couldn’t really explain quite intelligently. Perhaps an attempt philosophically would be more Me.

So science of the stars aside, stars also represent hope.Or greatness.Or a reminder of how insignficant we proud beings are. It represents a kind of calculus, and in Quentin Lauer’s words, "always approaching but never achieving a complete grasp." They are simply out there too far to hold, grounding us, telling us that we can never really attain utmost perfection because it is merely an ideal.An abstraction. Have you seen perfection? I know I haven’t. But that does not discourage us from seeking it, as the proverb goes, "hitch your wagon to a star". Yet you may argue that it is then futile if there exist no perfection. But in seeking perfection, in striving for it, we become approximates of it, possibly fleeting reflections of it. If you think about it,if all the powers of the universe and beyond conspired with you to make you all perfect, what’s next for you? Would you simply float and boast of your ultimacy? You would become nothing but stagnant. Nothing anymore than the adjective perfection.
It all started with a simple question.


(Terinspirasi dari langit karimun jawa yang bintangnya masih bisa dipuji-puji super lebay :D)

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