Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day #14 : Green Dolphin Street

It began when the most underrated phenomena in the world--curiousity, came all of sudden. I was being curious about A woman-singer, who ever sing "The Look of Love", the cover version of Dusty Springfield.

not the legend Diana Krall, Gaynor Ellen, Fergie, Diana Ross, Nina Simone, Dionne Warwick, or else. and after an hour of searching plus the drama,the absolute answer came from a good friend of mine, and the dearly mother.

Beverley Staunton.
And the melody played in my mind.
not only "The Look of Love", but also another her cover version of nostalgic song, "The Green Dolphin Street".

Lover, one lovely day, a love came, planning to stay.
Green dolphin street supplied the setting, the setting for nights beyond forgetting.

i remember the day when my mother said, "you should hear this, dear, she's such a good singer." and then her good review conspicuously manipulates my me more attraction, mother, make me more curious, because i always believe that curiosity is rarely faked simply because people aren't generally aware that it is such a reliable indicator of attraction.

now let's go back to the Beverley Staunton.

and through these moment apart,love come here in my heart,
when i recall the love i found on
i'm gonna kiss the ground i found on Green Dolphin Street.

thank you for giving me good references, mother.

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Anonymous said...

Your right the best singer ever. She as a new CD call Everything Changes. And a new video on You tube call World goes on. I'm her biggest fan.